Thursday, January 29, 2015


Cabinet is an east coast bluegrass band from Scranton, PA.  I think these guys have some interesting tunes and have enjoyed the majority of them.  They can bust out some real nice sounding solos, passing the torch around to let everyone get in on a piece of the celebration.  They have received some nice exposure in the last year (forming in 2006) and will most likely be pushing out more albums. Check em out!

Live Performance

From their album Leap

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Just recently, I curiously went to a bar to hear a band from Portland, Oregon named Hillstomp. This two man band absolutely killed it, bringing a flurry of energy with a Northwest edge.  Their music is a bluegrassy, rockin, grungy, stomp style hoedown needed to be enjoyed by all.  The drummer plays on a drum/bucket/can set and the guitarist will play numerous styles. Check them out!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clinton Fearon

Member of the popular Jamaican band The Gladiators for around 27 years, Clinton Fearon has resided in Seattle since leaving the band and Jamaica in 1987. He has made numerous albums in the US with The Boogie Brown Band, their latest this year.  He and his band put on a great concert so you can feel good about going and getting a nice scoop of old style reggae tunes with that Rasta feel jam.

Here is one called "Livin' is An Art"

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive have been bouncing around the media circles for the past few months promoting their debut album Bad Self Portraits.  Utilizing the newest reemergence of the soulful jazzy blues sound that has been so successful with bands like The Alabama Shakes, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, and Phox; Lake Street Dive look good and sound even better.  Here is a nice live video of them preforming their song "Just Ask". Also worth checking out is their scrumptious take of "I Want You Back"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sticky Fingers - How To Fly

Australian band Sticky Fingers have made something really awesome with their track "How To Fly". It's just one of those songs. The best description of the bands sound I could find comes from their website. Enjoy.

"STIFI is a melting pot of reggae, psych, pop and bourbon. Hypnotising you into a swaying trance, then punching you in the face for dancing like a hippy. Their borderline contradictory fusion of flavours speaks to every walk of life, and it’s this multiplicity which makes the world their oyster.
::For the comparison minded::
If the Clash, Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys are three beads of sweat that meet rolling down your back, Sticky Fingers are there licking it up."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Tons of awesome new music has come out in the past few months. Most of this post will consist of artists we have been following for some time.  Here is a little refresher course in case y'all missed anything.

Let's start things up right. Hip-hop head Logic has finally emerged with his first official full length album, and with it burst from the underground and into the main stream. Under Pressure debuted on the Billboard album chart at No. 5!

alt-j released their second studio album to (mostly) very positive reviews. This Is All Yours jumps between crushingly catchy pop songs to very laid back woo-ing with a few throw backs to An Awesome Wave sprinkled in here and there as well. Over all it's a great listen.

Math rockers Minus The Bear have also put out an album, and while it technically might not be "new" it's still new to me.  The appropriately named Lost Loves is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from all over their long career. For any major fan of Minus The Bear this is essential listening.

You know him, you love him.  Shakey Graves' And The War Came is finally here.  Seriously if you don't already have it what are you waiting for?

Bluegrass speedsters Trampled By Turtles have also been hard at work with the release of Wild Animals.  While it seems that every new album TBT puts out brings them a little further away from their breakneck speed antics of old, it isn't a bad thing.  Wild Animals excels at slow, deliberate, and sometimes haunting folk songs that are a thing of rare beauty.

Here's a fun game: Play Umphrey's Mcgee's new album to a group of people and see if they can guess what band it is. I've had such surprising answers as Sevendust ("Little Gift") and Nine Inch Nails ("Hindsight").  As crazy as that sounds (and it is pretty crazy) Umphrey's McGee has put together a solid and true "rock" album with Similar Skin. Sometimes it's nice to see a band step out of their comfort zone.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Meeting On The Mountain EP

Fruition has just put out a four track EP, Meeting On The Mountain, that is available online this very second!  This release features Fruition playing with members of Grant Farm, a band from Boulder, CO, and they are currently on the road together.  Unfortunately I could not find any track from the release that I could post, so you should just buy it as I did for like 3 bucks.

Since I could not find this particular collaboration to share I decided to give you another one to check out: Fruition and ALO.  Enjoy!

Also, here is an older track:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

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Monday, July 14, 2014


Fuego, is Phish's 12th studio album and 2nd since they came back together in 2009.  After finally sitting down and listening to the entire album since it was released on June 24th, I really got a feel of what the boys were creating.  Bob Ezrin, who has worked with artists including Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, and Kiss, really did a good job with this one.  Let's be honest, no one is melting on a stick of heavenly musical butter while only listening to studio Phish albums.  The magic of the band happens when they are in their element out on stage exploring the unknown improvisational corners of musical utopia.  Ezrin and the members of Phish really create the "live" sound, by playing together and recording in the same room.  The album runs smoothly throughout the whole thing, starting with one of my favorite tracks "Fuego."  The band has already begun to explore with this tune in the start of the summer tour, notably at the Mann in Philly (seen below).  The song, The Line, is strangely inspired by Darius Washington, Memphis Tiger's free-throw shooter who missed shots to cause Memphis to lose in the 2005 Conference USA Championship.  In songs like 555 (seen below) you can hear the horns and backup singers nicely add to the mix.  Drawing to a close with a tune named Wingsuit you get an atmospheric dreamy end "and it feels good."  I am heading to Chicago on Thursday to catch them play a three night run at Northerly Island and I am excited to see if they can create some captivating jams out of their new material for me to dance around to.

The song Fuego live from The Mann

Friday, May 30, 2014


I was recently able to enjoy a two night bluegrass run from Hot Buttered Rum and Fruition.  Both bands put out good feeling songs that bring a ton of energy to the dance floor.  They are progressive bluegrass bands with soul that originate from the west coast.  The two nights were filled with collaborations and a friendly atmosphere to hang out with the musicians, who seemed just as happy to guzzle down beer while listening to the tunes all night long.  Hot Buttered Rum is a group I have been listening to for a long time and just put out a new record entitled Hot Buttered Rum which was produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.  Fruition is a newer band from Portland, OR and can really lay down some tracks, not to mention they will be attending Jam Cruise next year.  I would suggest checking out both of these bands if you have not done so already.  

Take a couple minutes to listen to Fruition and one of Hot Buttered Rum's new songs here and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sexist Music Library

I was recently listening to some Alabama Shakes and realized I do not have many women musicians in my music collection (compared to the other gender).  Also, I have not seen many of them live, Grace Potter being the most recent in 2013.  As I was emerged in Brittany Howard's vocals, I remembered the name Andrija Tokic.  He produced Boys & Girls for Alabama Shakes and also recorded an album for another band who has a female lead singer.  Andrija produced the album Look Out Mama for Hurray for the Riff Raff, which is a band based out of New Orleans.  Both of these bands are now with ATO Records, which is a great place to be.  
All this lead to the decision that I have a sexist music library and I feel I need to post some tunes by a few rock'n soulful women, so enjoy!

RKCB - "Baptize"

For those of us patiently waiting on Jai Paul to put out some new material, RKCB is a nice alternative.  The L.A. based duo has a very cool and sexy R&B sound going for them with their first two singles.  The comparison to Jai Paul doesn't just come from their electronic R&B sound, it's also apparent in their music library.  Both artists have just two original songs and a remix available, which is incredibly frustrating.  Unlike Jai Paul however, RKCB has only been releasing music under that name for a few months.  Here's hoping to a promising new career for these new producers.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Copper Into Steel

This new rockin bluegrass band from Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN has really grabbed my attention these last couple years.  Copper Into Steel has been around since 2011 and are currently playing shows around the Southeast.  The band always puts on a high energetic show that will surely get you in some nice exercise before the sets end.  They are mixing blues, folk, and grass together southern style with some exhilarating mandolin playing from Cody Chelius.  I am lucky enough to have been able to catch some shows in Memphis when in town and I would suggest trying to do the same.  You can also download their album AlchemyThis young Tennessee band is going places and I fully expect them to be tearing up venues on the way!

Check out a couple songs below including this wonderful version of "Walking in Memphis" 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Viral] Kelvin Jones - "Call Me Home"

Kelvin Jones is an aspiring singer who has been tearing up YouTube with his various covers ranging from Stevie Wonder to the Gorillaz.  Aside from his beautiful voice, what really stands out are his original tracks.  The track has gathered the most attention is "Call You Home", and for good reason.  See for yourself, and keep an eye out for this rising star.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[New album] Chet Faker

The soulful Chet Faker, known for his awesome cover of "No Diggity", has finally released a full length album.  Titled Built On Glass, it is pretty much exactly as expected. In other words good stuff. Check out his first two singles here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rheteric Ramirez

L.A. based rapper Rheteric Ramirez has a pretty mean flow about him.  He got his name by making big splashes in the rap battle pool and continues to kick ass all over the place. Check out this live rendition of "Roskin Doblin".

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[2014] Overstep

The Cactus’ newest album Overstep came out on February 25th on ATO Records.  This is his fourth solo studio album and clocks in at around 50 minutes.  Mike Gordon “Cactus” is the bass player for the band Phish and he likes to indulge in his own side projects.  Mike is a funky yet weird cat and it shows on every one of his solo albums and tours.  When he gets the chance to tour solo you should go check him out.  Last month I had the chance to go see him perform the new ones live in Seattle.   I enjoy his latest work and think you should give it a try!

Friday, April 4, 2014

1,2,3 is back Weather you like it or not (We like it)

When my loves 1,2,3 split up a while back, my poor lil' heart hurt for quite some time. There's nothing like watching a band that you love makes it's first few steps towards something big and then stumbling back into the dark. As music fans, we have all have had that band that you want to see make it (and to continue releasing new albums!). 1,2,3 is mine and they are back with their new album Big Weather out on May 27th via American Hermitage records. The band announced that they are going to offer a pay-what-you-can option for all digital copies, so there's no reason this album shouldn't be in your collection by the end of May!

If you had a chance to listen to their 2011 debut album New Heaven, then you will know that their singles are unpredictable, raw, and full of adventure. Please listen to this album at least once, for you will find yourself wanting to listen to it again and again. Personally, I find every song is different and defiant of traditional genres, and that is what I am looking forward to hearing on Big Weather.

It is very interesting to me that this album is inspired by a tornado that hit the lead singer and guitarist Nic Snyder's Aunt's house. 1,2,3 seems to have a passion for weather and climate changes, seasons, and the like. You hear it in their previous album in songs such as Heat Lightning. Here's to another wild ride with 1,2,3. Can't wait. Please listen to their first two new singles "Big Weather Pt. 1" and "Leave Me in the Sky With the Lawnchair" below and let us know what you think!

Shakey Graves - "Dearly Departed"

Man, this guy really needs to get an album together. His name is Shakey Graves, and he is due for big things. Here is his latest song plus another amazing rendition of "Roll the Bones". Is there anything he can't do?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


  The London based band, Fanfarlo, has come out with a new album titled Let's Go Extinct.  This record was put out February 2014 and is their third full length studio release.  They formed in 2006 and are an indie folk/rock band that has put out their best album yet.  Some of the songs on the album almost sound a bit "Talking Headish" including Landlocked, which is here for your ears to do the deciding.  Check out the new material and let me know your thoughts!