Stumbled across these guys searching for some up and coming Chicago jams.  After listening to (We Could Even) Learn to Fly and Juanita, summer sank in and brought back a mix of funk and rock with a festival jam style. Blends of soulful rhythms and guitar solos to match produce a solid performance. Just released their first EP in May, check it out on Spotify or click here. Hope to catch a live show soon.

I am starting to get very anxious about the upcoming 50th Anniversary Dead Shows here at the end of the month. This will be the last time the surviving members play together and man have they played quite the number of shows.  Enjoy the weekend listening to the legendary american rock band!

Start with this..

and this..

Fruiton made a stop at the Levitt Shell this past week on there first large scale tour. Unfortunately lightning stopped the show after only a few songs, but not before their bluegrass and rock influenced sound grabbed the attention of all. After several years of touring the country with other bluegrass notables like Greensky Bluegrass they have established themselves in the folk realm. Check out their newest album Just One of Them Nights  released in 2013 for a glimpse at the irresistible blend of harmonica, piano, and strings. 

Every once in a while I enjoy digging back through the scratched cd's of years past to remember some old favorites. Back in the day (late highschool/early college), I went through an industrial rock/metal phase that had me banging my head to the thumping fusion of heavy guitar riffs and EDM elements. Two old favorites that I recently rediscovered from this period are Rammstein and Powerman 5000. I stumbled upon both of these bands while watching summer action films such as xXx ( Rammstein - "Feuer Frei!") and Mission Impossible 2 (Powerman - "When Worlds Collide").

One of my favorite Rammstein tracks is "Mein Teil" off their 2004 album Reise, Reise. If you haven't seen footage of their concerts, do yourself a favor and check em out on YouTube - it's ridiculous.

One of my favorite Powerman 5000 tracks is "Bombshell".

Enjoy and rock on,

Wild Rabbit out of Bellingham, WA grabbed my attention the other night so thought I would share.  They have quite the energy playing their folky stomp styles live and are currently kickstarting to raise money for their next album....that's pretty much all I know.


There isn't much to say here. Umphrey's McGee spent some time at Abbey Road. The result is a damn fine cover. Enjoy!

Couldn't resist this one. Take a few minutes to listen to this superb instrumental from Holly Springs' own blues legend Junior Kimbrough. Sometimes everyone needs some blues music in their lives.

Run The Jewels released their highly anticipated second album recently and it's a damn fun listen.  The collaboration between underground hip-hop stars El-P and Killer Mike consists of super heavy beats and funny, yet "hard" lyrics.  Run The Jewels 2 is one of those legendary hip-hop albums that will keep you coming back again and again just for the good times. While they receive basically no radio play, they are currently in heavy rotation in lots of other popular media, from commercials, to Adult Swim bumps, to comic books.  Run The Jewels has exactly the right chemistry to take the world by storm. As an added bonus, on their new album, they even manage to rustle up a rare appearance by Rage Against The Machine's highly reclusive frontman Zach De La Rocha. What's not to love?

This one is pretty cut and dry. In the mood for something lite and catchy? Here is "Kites" by Geographer. Enjoy!

Australia's favorite "shitty punk band" The Smith Street Band has released a new single, and in an interesting turn of events it's a highly politicized track. Truth be told I know little about Australia's politics but Google tells me "Wipe That Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face" is about the immigration policies of their Prime Minister. One thing I do know is they have made a damn fine song here. Fight for your beliefs kids.

The hip-hop co-op that is Hail Mary Mallon is at it again with their fantastic beats, dark humor, and cool videos. For those uninitiated Hail Mary Mallon is a Rymesayers outfit bringing together the likes of Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz. Enough talk, its time to listen (and watch) now.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band have been a festival staple for many years now, and show no signs of slowing down with their newest roots blues endeavor So Delicious. For more grumbley blues check out their newest single "Pot Roast Kisses" and of course "Raise A Little Hell" (below).

This is it.  The Fare Thee Well shows are coming up and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning Feb, 28th at 10am CST!  Tickets will sell out in a second, but if your face is exploding with luck then who knows.  The Dead will play their final shows at Soldier Field in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend.  They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary with Trey Anastasio, Jeff Chimenti and Bruce Hornsby.  The venue is where the Grateful Dead played their last show ever, with Jerry passing away shortly after.  I obviously have nothing to share that includes this unique line up, but I do have some tunes with Anastasio playing with a few of the boys at Interlocken festival in 2013.  I was able to attend the festival in 2013 in which Trey came out to play with Furthur, a Dead band including Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, which little did we know was just a small taste of was yet to come.

If there's a box, then this band is outside of it! Raw and intense sound, yet still with form, gracefully pissed off music!

As We Draw from Laval, France, formed in 2009.  Experimental Post-Hardcore is what most tags suggest is the best description but honestly these guys are something else!  Intense, Atmospheric while sludgy and powerful. 

For fans of Converge, Latitudes, Everything In Slow Motion & Underoath.

Albums "Lines Breaking Circles" and newest, "Mirages" are much different in execution but powerful style remains the same.  "Lines Breaking Circles" is a bit more stable in the Experimental realm, while newest album "Mirages" is a challenge in their own sound, amplifying the atmospheric elements of the band; deepening its own sound.  Even though I'm a fan of "Lines Breaking Circles," "Mirages" is definitely a worthy new album with much on the horizon for As We Draw.  I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band!

 If you like what you hear, you can go download their newest album for free at LastFM. (link below)   <<<FREE.

Personally this is right up my alley.  Songs to check out: Burst of Colour, Fata Morgana, The Window & Way Down. Spotify has their newest album for stream.  Thanks for listening!

Dip'n out.

If heavy progression is more your tune, than this is the band for you!

Lazer/Wulf from Atlanta/Athens, GA.  Heavy, experimental & funky at times.  Mostly instrumentals with occasional vocals.

For fans of Every Time I Die, Coheed & Mastodon.

Some really cool heavy mixture going on with Lazer/Wulf.  I really got into songs, Beast Reality, Who Were the Mound Builders & Concentric Eyes.  If you like what you hear these guys are worth checking out.  Spotify has all 3 albums for stream but they don't have many choices on youtube though.

Dip'n out.

As much as I love heavier music, my greater love is for passionate & bold music in general!  So here are a few personal favorites of mine.  I hope you enjoy!

My Epic from Charlotte, NC.  Post-Hardcore Rock with just enough Experimental touch.  Every album with this band changes, and honestly I can't say I dislike a single one.  Great songwriting, 4 albums deep, I have to give it up! 


Andy McKee from Topeka, KS is an American fingerstyle guitarist.  Beautiful instrumental songwriting. A must listen!


Ben Howard born in London, is a Singer-songwritier worth listening to!  Check it out for yourself. The video is awesome alone.

Thanks for looking!
Requested by my guy, J$ himself.  I was Born and raised Memphis, TN & North Mississippi.  Im very excited about this blogger, and hope you are too!  Enough of this, lets get to business!

Last time I spoke with James he shared about a lack of heavy metal music and hardcore, hopefully now that need will be met.  So please buckle your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy ride!

First up, one of my personal favorites. 
Shai Hulud from Pompano Beach, FL since 1995.  Hardcore Punk roots with progressive metal elements & very melodic.


Next up,
Doomriders from Boston, MA.  Heavy Metal/Rock n' Roll.  A bit on the Stoner Metal side of things. \m/


Last but not least.
Advent from Kernersville, NC.  American Hardcore, Plenty of Chaos while sharing a positive message. 

I hope you've enjoyed!

Cabinet is an east coast bluegrass band from Scranton, PA.  I think these guys have some interesting tunes and have enjoyed the majority of them.  They can bust out some real nice sounding solos, passing the torch around to let everyone get in on a piece of the celebration.  They have received some nice exposure in the last year (forming in 2006) and will most likely be pushing out more albums. Check em out!

Live Performance

From their album Leap

Just recently, I curiously went to a bar to hear a band from Portland, Oregon named Hillstomp. This two man band absolutely killed it, bringing a flurry of energy with a Northwest edge.  Their music is a bluegrassy, rockin, grungy, stomp style hoedown needed to be enjoyed by all.  The drummer plays on a drum/bucket/can set and the guitarist will play numerous styles. Check them out!

Member of the popular Jamaican band The Gladiators for around 27 years, Clinton Fearon has resided in Seattle since leaving the band and Jamaica in 1987. He has made numerous albums in the US with The Boogie Brown Band, their latest this year.  He and his band put on a great concert so you can feel good about going and getting a nice scoop of old style reggae tunes with that Rasta feel jam.

Here is one called "Livin' is An Art"

Lake Street Dive have been bouncing around the media circles for the past few months promoting their debut album Bad Self Portraits.  Utilizing the newest reemergence of the soulful jazzy blues sound that has been so successful with bands like The Alabama Shakes, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, and Phox; Lake Street Dive look good and sound even better.  Here is a nice live video of them preforming their song "Just Ask". Also worth checking out is their scrumptious take of "I Want You Back"

Australian band Sticky Fingers have made something really awesome with their track "How To Fly". It's just one of those songs. The best description of the bands sound I could find comes from their website. Enjoy.

"STIFI is a melting pot of reggae, psych, pop and bourbon. Hypnotising you into a swaying trance, then punching you in the face for dancing like a hippy. Their borderline contradictory fusion of flavours speaks to every walk of life, and it’s this multiplicity which makes the world their oyster.
::For the comparison minded::
If the Clash, Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys are three beads of sweat that meet rolling down your back, Sticky Fingers are there licking it up."

Marcus King has been playing guitar since he was 2 years old. I didn't even know you could do that. Perhaps it should be no surprise then that at the ripe old age of 18 Mr. King has been blowing minds in the blues music scene. Below is a nice video of him playing a yet untitled track. Damn son! Watch out for this one. 

Tons of awesome new music has come out in the past few months. Most of this post will consist of artists we have been following for some time.  Here is a little refresher course in case y'all missed anything.

Let's start things up right. Hip-hop head Logic has finally emerged with his first official full length album, and with it burst from the underground and into the main stream. Under Pressure debuted on the Billboard album chart at No. 5!

alt-j released their second studio album to (mostly) very positive reviews. This Is All Yours jumps between crushingly catchy pop songs to very laid back woo-ing with a few throw backs to An Awesome Wave sprinkled in here and there as well. Over all it's a great listen.

Math rockers Minus The Bear have also put out an album, and while it technically might not be "new" it's still new to me.  The appropriately named Lost Loves is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from all over their long career. For any major fan of Minus The Bear this is essential listening.

You know him, you love him.  Shakey Graves' And The War Came is finally here.  Seriously if you don't already have it what are you waiting for?

Bluegrass speedsters Trampled By Turtles have also been hard at work with the release of Wild Animals.  While it seems that every new album TBT puts out brings them a little further away from their breakneck speed antics of old, it isn't a bad thing.  Wild Animals excels at slow, deliberate, and sometimes haunting folk songs that are a thing of rare beauty.

Here's a fun game: Play Umphrey's Mcgee's new album to a group of people and see if they can guess what band it is. I've had such surprising answers as Sevendust ("Little Gift") and Nine Inch Nails ("Hindsight").  As crazy as that sounds (and it is pretty crazy) Umphrey's McGee has put together a solid and true "rock" album with Similar Skin. Sometimes it's nice to see a band step out of their comfort zone.

Fruition has just put out a four track EP, Meeting On The Mountain, that is available online this very second!  This release features Fruition playing with members of Grant Farm, a band from Boulder, CO, and they are currently on the road together.  Unfortunately I could not find any track from the release that I could post, so you should just buy it as I did for like 3 bucks.

Since I could not find this particular collaboration to share I decided to give you another one to check out: Fruition and ALO.  Enjoy!

Also, here is an older track: