Neo-Soul/ Hip-Hop Instrumental: Oddisee - Rock Creek Park

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Do you remember your favorite park growing up? That place that was just so perfect that it was impossible not to have a magical time? Oddisee has given us an album about just that.  Rock Creek Park is about, you guessed it, Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. In his own words:

"Rock creek park is & has always been one of my favorite places in Washington, DC. It has a way of aging with you & adapting to where you are in life. When I was younger, it was a place for skipping rocks, bike rides & imaginary adventures in the woods. As a teen it was a place where I played basket ball, had cook outs with friends & walked through with dates. As an adult it's my short cut through the city, my quickest way from Silver Spring to George Town. One thing it still is and always well be is my retreat.

Listening to the Black Byrd's "Rock Creek Park" inspired me to create an entire album around the park & my relationship with it. If the park were to have a soundtrack, what would it be? What does walking along the trails of the park sound like? What does driving on the narrow tree lined roads sound like? This album is my interpretation of Rock Creek Park through break beats, samples & live instrumentation.

 We can all identify with that.  Oddisee's album is available over at Bandcamp for the low price of $8, or take a listen below.  Highlights include "Skipping rocks" (available for FREE), "The Carter Barron" (also FREE), and the hip-hop infused "For Certain (Feat. Diamond District)".  Check it Out!



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