1,2,3 is back Weather you like it or not (We like it)

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When my loves 1,2,3 split up a while back, my poor lil' heart hurt for quite some time. There's nothing like watching a band that you love makes it's first few steps towards something big and then stumbling back into the dark. As music fans, we have all have had that band that you want to see make it (and to continue releasing new albums!). 1,2,3 is mine and they are back with their new album Big Weather out on May 27th via American Hermitage records. The band announced that they are going to offer a pay-what-you-can option for all digital copies, so there's no reason this album shouldn't be in your collection by the end of May!

If you had a chance to listen to their 2011 debut album New Heaven, then you will know that their singles are unpredictable, raw, and full of adventure. Please listen to this album at least once, for you will find yourself wanting to listen to it again and again. Personally, I find every song is different and defiant of traditional genres, and that is what I am looking forward to hearing on Big Weather.

It is very interesting to me that this album is inspired by a tornado that hit the lead singer and guitarist Nic Snyder's Aunt's house. 1,2,3 seems to have a passion for weather and climate changes, seasons, and the like. You hear it in their previous album in songs such as Heat Lightning. Here's to another wild ride with 1,2,3. Can't wait. Please listen to their first two new singles "Big Weather Pt. 1" and "Leave Me in the Sky With the Lawnchair" below and let us know what you think!



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