Va Va Voom Bassnectar

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Bassnectar's new album dropped last month and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. The title track is catchy yet radio friendly (which is quite a change for Bassnectar) while still retaining a signature Bassnectar sound. Other favorites from this collection include: Ping Pong, Ugly, and Butterfly. This is another solid effort from one of the best EDM artists going today.

A critique

In my humble opinion it's not gonna top Timestretch or Cozza Frenzy but it's awesome in it's own way. It's interesting to see Bassnectar produce some material which might end up on the radio; however, it feels like it's about time for him to move in another direction. I love his signature sound and he has produced some INCREDIBLE music; however, a new sound or feel would be great to ensure that things don't get stale.




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