Blockhead - 'Interludes After Midnight'

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 That's right folks! Blockhead has dropped his fifth studio album this week.  The LP is called Interludes After Midnight.  Here's the lowdown from NinjaTune:

"In the two years since the critically lauded 'The Music Scene', Tony Simon has traveled the globe and emerged with another collection of eclectic songs that twist, turn, and grind their way into the listener’s psyche.
The title comes from an after hours New York City public access show that ran throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. This was a time before cell phones, TiVo, and the Internet – a simpler time that has informed the sonic landscape of the album. This is not rehashing 20 years of popular hip-hop; this is Blockhead’s ultimate homage to the times and places that defined his upbringing.
This is a pre-digital road map through the musical consciousness of Blockhead, a virtual tour of a decidedly non-virtual society – when the airwaves were for TV, phones were for making calls, and when newspapers were printed. Hence, 'Interludes After Midnight' is populated with dusty samples of beeping synths, smooth horn samples blended seamlessly with funky percussion and a sound that will keep you listening – this is classic Blockhead."

For a nice taste of Interludes After Midnight check out the mini mix below, and grab the whole album at AmazonMp3, Itunes, or NinjaTune.  



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