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This post is one that's long overdue.  About a month ago I came across the Bandcamp page of a group called Ripe.  In the time that has passed from that fateful day to now, Ripe have become an obsession.  They are, at their core, a pop band. That sweet, sweet, pop music is wrapped in a delightfully funky/jammy/ska-like package that is just irresistible.  Its's the kind of music that invades your brain and plays on repeat weather you like it or not.  The kind of music where you find yourself dancing at work and singing in the shower.  These guys are the real deal. Unfortunately as of the writing of this post the only available music they have are two short EPs. I cannot stress enough how good every track on both are. Obviously I have become a giddy fanboy for Ripe so I will just post some live (from the studio) videos and let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!



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