Artist Spotlight: GRIEVES

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  This Brooklyn-by-way-of-Seattle MC has been on a steady rise the past few years.  Most recently playing to sold out crowds and being the newest addition to Atmosphere MC Slug's Rhymesayers label.  Grieves has a style all his own and is quite the brilliant lyricist.  His lyrics usually deal in dark and depressing subject matter such as addiction, broken relationships and depression, and while he may not claim to have all the answers, he somehow always seems to bring us out of the darkness at the end.  It's music for the hurting soul, hopeless realist, and bleeding heart.  With his smooth voice he brings us through all the lows life has to offer, but the message that resounds is one of self improvement, acceptance, and a light in the darkness. 

  His producer and close friend Budo does an excellent job of creating minimalist compositions of piano, strings, and drums that are dope enough to get your head bobbing, but relaxed enough not to overpower Grieves hushed lyrics.  On his newest album titled Together/Apart, Grieves and Budo showcase their sweet chemistry with tracks like Lightspeed (above), and Bloody Poetry (below).

  Grieves is currently on his first ever headlining tour, and if the hype holds up, he puts on a spot on performance.  Using his ingenious lyrics coupled with the Budo's beats, Grieves is going to be one to keep an eye on in the next few years.  Go now, see what this scrawny, laid-back, Seattle MC has to offer for yourself, and in the mean time kick back and, as always, enjoy the music.



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