Artist Spotlight: Conner Youngblood

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  Conner Youngblood is a young lad from Dallas, Texas who has been taking time out of his busy schedule at Yale University to drop some AWESOME music on the net.  His sound is pretty hard to pin down.  On his own Myspace, Youngblood lists his genre as bluegrass/ club/ indie, and traits from all those genres are found in his music.  His songs tend to be of a very mellow tone.  Great music for an epic come down.  He somehow finds ways to incorporate an organic, banjo infused sound with tricks commonly used by electronic producers.  Having not yet released a full album, Conner Youngblood is definitely one to keep an eye on. Check out iTunes or AmazonMp3 to get his music, and check out his most recent release/FREE download "Australia" below.

Conner Youngblood - Australia by The Wounded Jukebox
A Summer Song by Conner Youngblood
A Summer Song by Conner Youngblood



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