Bassnectar New Years Show

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So I went to the Bassnectar new years show for new years and it was AMAZING! The stage in the center of the arena nearly doubled the number of available seats even though I was disappointed that the stage didn't rotate or move in any way. The floor was packed with party monsters, mainly due to the fact that A LOT more people were aware of the wristband give away. I hope that the Bassnectar crew gets more people to handle giving wristbands away because they were simply overwhelmed this year which lead to a lot of people getting skipped and turned away after camping out for hours. The openers were pretty awesome and it really tripped me out when I saw the second opener getting tackled on stage. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN AT A STADIUM SHOW?!?!?! There were tons of gorgeous scantily clad women prowling about and members of the Bassnectar crew who were on stilts, dressed up, or otherwise contributing the weird atmosphere. I don't know if Bridgestone Arena will continue to have Bassnectar back for more new years celebrations but the first two have been simply amazing. If any of you were also at the show, feel free to describe your experience in the comments section and remember to "party with respectable women"!




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