Lamb of God "Resolution" Album Review

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I like jam bands, EDM, Bluegrass, etc. as much as the next guy but the fact remains that from time to time I also like to head-bang, chest pound and listen to some FUCKIN' METAL! So as the resident metal enthusiast for this blog, I feel obligated to drop a post every once in a while to shake things up. One of my favorite metal bands, Lamb of God, recently released a new album by the name of "Resolution". As with most LOG albums, this is an unapologetic sonic journey to some seriously dark places with epic guitar shredding, blood curdling vocals, and ridiculously technical drumming. All the pieces come together to produce a finished product that is incredibly fast, tight, and hard hitting.

In spite of the normal traits and features that accompanies any Lamb of God release, there is an experimental side to the content. "Straight for the Sun", "Ghost Walking", "Barbarosa", and "King Me" all have new elements to present to the listener. "Barbarosa" is the only instrumental track on Resolution and is comprised of an acoustic picked guitar in the front of the mix with some electric guitars coming and going out of either speaker, often creating a loud screeching muffled feedback. The components suddenly rush together at the end of the track, meshing and creating somewhat of a bang before "Invictus" explodes through the speakers.

"King Me" is the six and a half minute epic that ends this album, and shows off some new ingredients to the mix including violin synths and operatic woman vocals that trail ghost-like throughout the background, empowering Randy's spoken words throughout the song. There is also a uniquely achieved effect gained by using abrupt stops and rests throughout the fast part of this track. For a sample of what to expect from the album check out the video for "Ghost Walking" below.



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