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Fuego, is Phish's 12th studio album and 2nd since they came back together in 2009.  After finally sitting down and listening to the entire album since it was released on June 24th, I really got a feel of what the boys were creating.  Bob Ezrin, who has worked with artists including Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, and Kiss, really did a good job with this one.  Let's be honest, no one is melting on a stick of heavenly musical butter while only listening to studio Phish albums.  The magic of the band happens when they are in their element out on stage exploring the unknown improvisational corners of musical utopia.  Ezrin and the members of Phish really create the "live" sound, by playing together and recording in the same room.  The album runs smoothly throughout the whole thing, starting with one of my favorite tracks "Fuego."  The band has already begun to explore with this tune in the start of the summer tour, notably at the Mann in Philly (seen below).  The song, The Line, is strangely inspired by Darius Washington, Memphis Tiger's free-throw shooter who missed shots to cause Memphis to lose in the 2005 Conference USA Championship.  In songs like 555 (seen below) you can hear the horns and backup singers nicely add to the mix.  Drawing to a close with a tune named Wingsuit you get an atmospheric dreamy end "and it feels good."  I am heading to Chicago on Thursday to catch them play a three night run at Northerly Island and I am excited to see if they can create some captivating jams out of their new material for me to dance around to.

The song Fuego live from The Mann

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