Let's "Scale It Back" a little

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As I'm sure many of you careful listeners out there have already heard, DJ Shadow has done it again with his new hit song " Scale it Back" featuring some sweet vocals from the Swedish electronic band Little Dragon.  If you haven't yet laid your ears on it I now require you to watch this AMAZINGLY put together, one-shot video they have thrown together for it. Go on. I'll wait.

Pretty Cool huh? What's even cooler is Shadow has opened a competition to remix this slick jam.  Over 400 remixes have been submitted and this one is definitely a winner.  This particular track was composed by 20 year old producer Robotaki. His remix, while staying very true to the original, has taken the intricate layers of this track to an all new level, creating a chill-out sonic masterpiece of a song, perfect for a cold rainy day.  Check it out!



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