Hey Memphis!

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It is crunch time. The time of crunch. The semester is to an end for all those students out there. (I should know. I am about to pull a few final papers and extra credit out of my hiney myself). Thanksgiving is abridge, and holiday preparations commence. Work load is appreciating for those who want their Christmas bonus. Or, maybe some of you have nothing going on. Lucky dogs. Either way, it is Friday, and time to have a little fun.

The Indie surfer vibeish band called Real Estate is actually performing at the Hi-tone here in good ol' Memphis, TN tonight! If I could label this in the most awkward way possible, I would call them Beachy Fall Chill Wave. Yep. Be there.

To me, Eliot Lipp's music always sounds like a video game that you should really be into right now. His beats seem to take me back to the 90s when I am playing Zelda and eating pop rocks. The sound blasts through you like a nostalgia that you can only dance out. Good stuff. He is performing at Newby's tonight. Also, be there. And try not to get lost in the album cover displayed in his video above like I did. I dare you.



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