Man Man has more where that came from!

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As I'm sure you know, the fellas from this awesomely zany band always seem to keep busy while not on tour or recording as Man Man.  I got a request from the Chattanooga crew today to cover some of the Man Man side projects, and let me tell ya, these two are keepers.  Without further ado, I give to you: Mister Heavenly and Spaceship Aloha.

Let's start off with the more familiar.  Man Man front man Honus Honus has teamed up with quite the who's who of indie bands to form somewhat of a super-group under the mantel Mister Heavenly.  The band also consists of The Unicorns/Islands front man Nicholas Thorburn, and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse/The Shins drummer), as well as using (couldn't making this up)  Canadian man-child Michael Cera as their touring bassist.  As far as what Mister Heavenly sounds like, Thorburn said it best himself in a recent interview "One thing that has been floated around is Honus Honus from Man Man and I making a record in a new (sub)genre we are developing, called Doom Wop, which is essentially low frequency, and extremely slowed down music atop traditional doo wop harmonies. Or something."  I'll leave you to be the judge of that. Check it Out!
Mister Heavenly - Mister Heavenly by subpop
Mister Heavenly - Pineapple Girl by subpop

Next up we have something  a little more off the beaten path with the likes of Spaceship Aloha
Christopher Powell, also known as Pow Pow, or the drummer/percussionist from bands such as Man Man, Need New Booty, and the Icy Demons, may be the busiest of them all.  Aside from preforming with his plethora of side project bands, he also runs his own record label, Obey Your Brain.   This week, he has announced another side project.  This time being a solo electronic type deal. Spaceship Aloha, as its name suggests, is filled with futuristic heavy synths and drums, paired with a touch of Hawaiian flavor neatly hidden within.   As you may notice Powell himself listed the genre as "Hawaiian Galaxy Spaceship" and that's about as close as you can probably come to defining it.  Check out the first single off his upcoming ep Universe Mahalo due out soon.
XENON by spaceshipaloha



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