Bush - The Sea of Memories

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Bush is back for more with their first album release in 10 years! The band has a new lead guitar and bass player but it sounds like old school Bush. The new single "The sound of winter" has been putting a familiar sound back on the radio and the rest of the album will sound like a homecoming to old fans of the band.  Here's what the critics are saying about it:

"The Sea of Memories is easily the most enjoyable collection of songs released under Bush's name"
"The Sound of Winter", "She's a Stallion" and "Stand Up" stating "The Sea Of Memories" is every bit as good as classic Bush"
"Ultimately, Bush's return is far from perfect, but still proves to be a welcome return"
"Whether the songs edge towards the old Bush alternative rock style or go for more of a pop-rock approach, they remain catchy and full of hooks, with Rossdale’s voice at the forefront, as strong as ever."



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