SXSW 2011 Recommendation

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It's about time for some SXSW line-up love. I am not gonna get into the geek out sesh that I would like to have about the music and opportunities presented at SXSW. However, I do recommend taking a little tour of their site. Not only is the line-up pretty amazing this year, but SXSW also offers seminars, conferences, and meet-ups for people interested in the industry as well. Note: the line-up is amazing, yet blundered with tons of bands I never even heard of, with very interesting names at that. Therefore, I am going to dedicate my next few blog posts exploring and getting more familiar with these artists.

I will start with the Ettes. The Ettes are one my favorite discoveries this year. I might be a little late, but I am glad it happened. They are not far from home either, just a hop and a skip away in Memphis' cousin town of Nashville. This spunky chick band is very playful and fun. Their sound brings you back and gives you a nostalgic ear. I think they have a great energy and a great sense of humor which is displayed in the posted music video. Enjoy!



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