Flaming Lips 6 Hour Song - Updated

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Yeah, you read that right a 6 HOUR SONG, 360 MINUTES, 21,600 SECONDS or as the Flaming Lips are probably thinking of it, 1 solid psychedelic trip. Some cryptic twitvids have been posted such as this one which have left most viewers asking "what did I just see"? As with all things Flaming Lips, the song will probably be nothing short of a full blown decent into hippy madness. No word yet on when or even if the song will actually be released but a sneaking suspicion tells me that all the work put into a 6 hour song will result in something epic. Who knows maybe there will be another round of gummy fetuses making the rounds again. 

Anybody else hungry?

As it turns out, the six hour song will be for a good cause!
For $100 you can buy your way into the longest Flaming Lips song yet and all the proceeds will benefit the OK Humane Society.
In return for your generous donation, your name will appear in the track.
So go immortalize your philanthropic spirit in a most baller of ways and donate



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