Sh1pwr3k - Journal Album Review

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Sh1pwr3k is an artist out of San Francisco, CA that has released a rather ambitious project called "Journal". The project consists of an album accompanied by a book release. To get the artists description of both the album and the book visit his website HERE. You can download the album on a "name your price" basis HERE

The Journal project seems to have a very personal feel to it as Sh1pwr3k claims that it was inspired by everyday experiences and people from the last year of his life. Sh1pwr3k humanizes himself by making a point to anonymously mention personal events that inspired the album on his website.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone looking for a complex, powerful, yet chill sonic experience. It is an excellent example of blending a diverse sonic palette together in order to produce something that feels like a journey after all is said and done. Shifts from intense lead synths to beautifully melodic twinkles, pianos, thunderous drums, flamenco guitar, and loads of other elements comprise this excellent effort of alternative electronica.

For those of you who enjoy Journals, you can expect another album release "very soon". There are also plans for a Sh1pwr3k to be touring through the south, details will be announced ASAP.



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