Memphis Music Update

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First off, as we all know, Widespread Panic will be gracing the FedEx Forum tomorrow (10/1/11). The new news here however, is that as well as local Jamtronic rockers Zoogma, turntablist DJ Logic will also be having an after party on Beal St..  He will be playing the newly renovated old Daisy, now called Purple Haze. Tickets will be $10 at the door.  As well as playing the official after party, Spreadheads could get treated to a collaboration or two, as Logic as been known to sit in with Panic as recently as last weekend in Raleigh, NC.
Up next, Newby's has pulled a fast one on us, and quietly booked guitar mastermind Buckethead for a show on October 11th.  That's right! Buckethead. In Memphis. In less than two weeks! If you haven't heard of this mysterious guitarist check out his strangely bare website for a taste of his newest release "Lebrontron".

 -That's all I've got for now but expect another update soon and check out the past M.M.U. for more shows.



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