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  Haven't posted much this week, so in the few minuets I have before I must zoom off again, I am gonna try and throw down some new stuff for your ear holes. Check it.
   Here we have a newly released demo from lyrical genius Jay Electronica.  Now keep in mind this is just an unfinished demo, as in, he didn't think it was good enough to make his first commercial release.  Truth is, its amazing.  Word around the web is saying he has finally wrapped up his upcoming release titled Act II: Patents of Nobility.  If the hype and the undeniable talent seen in his previous mix-tapes comes through, we may finally get the masterpiece we have all been waiting for.  Need more? Check out his Myspace.

  Up Next Coheed & Cambria have recorded a new release for the soundtrack of the upcoming Batman video game, Arkham City.  Not only does the game look like a literal game changer for comic book games, but the soundtrack looks equally as epic.  Via COS:
  “I write in a very conceptual format with the stories that surround Coheed and Cambria,” Sanchez explains on behalf of the dark cinematic anthem, “but Batman has a much larger, defined history and rules that go along with it. My goal was to find universal themes from Batman’s existing history to help give the lyrics legs and dimension so that the song could live within that world.”
  The soundtrack will be released Oct. 4th with the game release on Oct. 18th. “This city’s lost its hope,”

Well, that's all the time I have for now, but expect an update soon. Peace.



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