Free singles from PLM's newest additions

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  Today we have 2 new singles from Pretty Lights Music's most recent additions.  First off we have Colorado producer Paul Basic's bass heavy reworking of Lupe Fiasco’s 'Daydreamin''. Basic has been a longtime friend and former band mate of both Derek Vincent Smith and Michal Menert.  He has a sound that is very close to Pretty Lights, but still manages to retain his own style.  Download 'DayDream' off his upcoming album The Mirror, due out September 27th on PLM, HERE.

  Up next is the once again, Colorado based (is it just me, or does Colorado seem to be turning into a mecca of electronic music producers?), career DJ, SuperVision.  Having been playing shows for the last 12+ years SuperVision had definitely found a unique sound all of his own.  His first single, 'Arcane', off his upcoming album
Telescopic, is a clash between delicate stings and heavy bass drops. Telescopic will be released on September 27th on PLM.  Download 'Arcane' HERE.

   And while we are on the subject of free music, here is a little bonus.  Check out Zed Dead's newest single HERE.  These Canadian producers have crafted an excelent remix titled 'Coffee Break', which is a chilled out yet heavy dub track.  Enjoy!



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